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Collections Sizes

Our collections contain approximately 8 million research specimens from around the world. Most of our collection, however, represents our mission region from southern California to the tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

Birds and Mammals: 51,798 bird skins and skeletons. 25,498 mammal skins and skeletons.

Botany279,257 botanical specimens (vascular and non-vascular), most of which are pressed.

Entomology1,305,661 terrestrial invertebrates, mostly insects and arachnids that are pinned or preserved in ethanol.

Herpetology76,651 reptiles and amphibians. 

Marine Invertebrates5 million specimens, consisting mostly of shells.

Mineralogy15,000 specimens.

Paleontology1,521,671 fossils of plants and animals.

Research Library56,000 volumes in the main collection; at least 2,350 in the Klauber Library; 1094 paintings by A.R. Valentien; 61 bird paintings by Allan Brooks; at least 50,000 photographs; 4,000 maps.

Exhibit Collections: approximately 600 specimens.

Nature to You Loan Collectionover 1,300 specimens.