Contract Services

Services of the Department

With more than 100 years cumulative experience in studies of southern California wildlife, the Department of Birds and Mammals offers a unique combination of resources and skills, and a wide variety of services available by contract. We offer the following collections, curation, and education-related services:

  • Access to our complete reference collection of skins and skeletons of birds and mammals of California, Arizona, and Baja California.
  • Identification of California, Arizona, and Baja California birds and mammals to species and subspecies.
  • Collection and preservation of all California birds and mammals, authorized by state and federal agencies.
  • Preparation and preservation of voucher specimens.
  • Seminars and classes on bird and mammal identification and biology.
  • Technical writing for peers and the lay public.
  • Access to reference collection of mammal scat and tracks.
  • Identification of mammal scat and tracks, often critical to wildlife-corridor studies.
  • Local/project-specific species guide preparation and production

Please visit our BioServices page for a full list of field study and research services.

Please visit the San Diego Zooarchaeology Laboratory’s page for details on services related to identification of animal bones recovered from archaeological sites.