2018 State of Biodiversity

Tuesday, February 20

After the State of the Union, State of the State, and State of the City addresses, the State of Biodiversity Symposium will convene national and regional scientists and conservationists to discuss the latest science, emerging threats, and management success stories in the world of conservation. This inaugural event is for the general public, conservation practitioners, and scientists to explore the status of regional conservation and biodiversity research efforts. Explore the agenda and speaker profiles and purchase your tickets in advance. Space is limited.

Program Change: Regrettably, Dr. Michael Soulé will be unable to attend the event because of unforeseeable health issues. If Dr. Soulé can’t make it to the event, then we are going to take the event to Dr. Soulé. Dr. Michael Wall, our VP of Science and Conservation will be traveling to Colorado to meet with Dr. Soulé for a video interview about the State of Biodiversity. We’ll be presenting that interview at the symposium and Nat Talk as part of the Opening Remarks. All other symposium events remain the same. The Nat Talk will still feature the scheduled moderated panel discussion that includes Dr. Edith Allen from UC-Riverside, Dr. Chris Funk of Colorado State University, Dr. Lorenzo Rojas de Bracho from Coordinación de Investigación y Conservación de Mamíferos Marinos in Mexico, Dr. Alexandra Syphard of the Conservation Biology Institute, and the Nat's Dr. Michael Wall.

The State of Biodiversity will culminate in an evening Nat Talk that will further explore the themes of the daytime symposium. This is a separately ticketed event. Learn more.


Morning and afternoon concurrent sessions featuring 16 different scientists and conservationists who will be inspiring a community dialogue on the State of Biodiversity. More.

Dr. Michael Soulé

See "Program Change" above More.


A power-packed passel of researchers and conservation practitioners to inform and inspire about the State of Biodiversity. More.


Follow the fox and register for The State of Biodiversity Symposium. Space is limited. More.

The 2018 State of Biodiversity Symposium is made possible by presenting sponsor The San Diego Foundation and media partner kpbs_logo.png.

Additional support provided by Bill Disher, H. William Kuni, and the Alan G. Lehman and Jane A. Lehman Foundation.