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Galápagos Aboard the National Geographic Endeavor II
May 24-June 2, 2024

10 days / 9 nights, with option to extend! Join Museum President and CEO Judy Gradwohl and the Director of Conservation Biology Michelle Thompson, Ph.D., aboard Lindblad Expedition’s newest vessel, National Geographic Endeavour ll.

Witness the iconic wildlife that sparked the theory of evolution in one action-filled week. Explore Darwin’s islands through land and undersea adventures with a diverse perspective of the archipelago. Snorkel and kayak among colorful fish, sea turtles, penguins, playful sea lions and walk among colonies of wildlife and seabirds unfazed by your presence. Maximize your time in the islands with options for exploration every day including hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and more.

Contact Lindblad Expeditions by email or by calling 833.985.1261 to reserve your spot today before cabins sell out!

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More information on the health and safety protocols and Lindblad Expedition’s good faith guarantee are available online.

SPECIAL 10% GROUP SAVINGS: Save 10% on the cabin fare when traveling with the San Diego Natural History Museum. Valid on this Galápagos departure date, for new bookings only, subject to availability, may not be combined with other offers, and is not applicable on airfare or extensions. Call for details.

FREE ROUND-TRIP AIR: Book by August 31, 2023. Receive free round-trip airfare between Miami, New York, Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles—or from $249 and $349 per person from select U.S. cities—and Galápagos on this departure date. Upgrade to business class from $750 per person. Offer valid on American Airlines only, economy class and includes internal flights between mainland Ecuador and Galápagos, and Peru on applicable itineraries. All offers are valid for new bookings only, subject to availability and may not be combinable with other offers.

Want more adventure on your vacation?

Book the extension to Machu Picchu & Peru’s Land of the Inca June 2–8, 2024 for a total of 16 days / 15 nights.

  • Add five days to your Galápagos adventure
  • Linger in Machu Picchu long after day-trippers have left as the sun begins to set
  • Discover Cusco's vibrant culture and explore the Sacred Valley of the Inca with a National Geographic expert
  • Explore the massive Inca stone fortress of Ollantaytambo
  • Stay at the historic 31-room Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, just steps from Machu Picchu, to explore the site over two days
  • In Lima, enjoy a private lunch and musical performance with insights from an ethnomusicologist on the stories and history of the songs

Already booked your experience? Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the trip!

Recent Trips

Cataviña, San Quintín
October 12-15, 2023

Join Museum Curator of Botany, Jon Rebman, Ph.D., and Curator of Herpetology, Brad Hollingsworth, Ph.D., on an exclusive trip to experience the biodiversity of Cataviña in the San Quintín region of Baja California. Explore the magical rugged landscapes of Baja California, a land of vast deserts covered with innumerable species of unusual flora enclosed by prolific seas.

Baja California and the Sea of Cortés: Among the Great Whales
March 2023

Discover new life in the Sea of Cortés. Here on the Pacific side of Baja California, whales pause their incredible annual migration. They give birth and begin instructing their young before beginning the long trek to Arctic waters. More information.

Baja Biodiversity
January 2023

An exclusive expedition to experience the biodiversity of Baja California. Leading the trip will be Museum curators, Scott Tremor and Dr. Jon Rebman. You’ll stay at the beautiful Rancho Las Cruces private resort just outside of La Paz and spend your days hiking, snorkeling, talking natural history, and enjoying the beauty of the Sea of Cortés.

Channel Islands
September 25-19, 2019

Adventure to the magnificent Channel Islands with Museum President and CEO, Judy Gradwohl and Curator of Botany, Jon Rebman from September 25-29, 2019 onboard the National Geographic Sea Bird with Lindblad Expeditions.

Once-in-a-lifetime Mexico!
February 22-March 2, 2019

Explore the flora, fauna, culture & history of this magnificent country and the unforgettable Monarch Butterfly migration. Join Museum President and CEO, Judy Gradwohl and Curator of Entomology, Michael Wall.

Ultimate Baja Adventure
January 21-28, 2018

Explore the marine life, culture, history, flora and fauna of this magnificent peninsula with Museum President and CEO, Judy Gradwohl and Curator of Botany, Jon Rebman.