Vavra’s Vision: Equine Images

Pegasus, by Robert Vavra

“[Horses have] fired the imaginations of painters from the prehistoric hunter-artists of Altamira to Leonardo da Vinci, Velazquez, Goya and Picasso, still in the history of photography no cameraman has recorded the horse with such excitement and personal style as has Robert Vavra. His photographs are works of art.”   
-James A. Michener

The exhibition, Vavra’s Vision: Equine Images, showcases the photographs in the book of the same name. The images are of fascination to anyone who loves horses or simply appreciates the finest of photography. 

Robert Vavra is the author of 37 books accounting for more than 3,000,000 volumes in print, in eight languages. Vavra’s Vision: Equine Images delves into the world that Vavra has created through his lens for the past 60 years while circling the globe.

The Robert Vavra collection is made possible by the International Institute of Photographic Arts .

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