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The Natural World: Photographs by Thomas D. Mangelsen

Through panoramic photographs and excerpts from his journals, The Natural World: Photographs by Thomas D. Mangelsen chronicles award-winning photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen’s experiences in 10 of the world’s last great places. Mangelsen’s journal entries take spectators on his daily excursions through the jungles of India, across the plains of the Serengeti, and into the icebergs of Antarctica. This visually stimulating exhibition investigates humanity’s relationship with nature and is drawn from Mangelsen’s most recent fine art book The Natural World.

Mangelsen grew up along the banks of the Platte River and spent many hours navigating the Nebraska landscape with his brothers Bill, David, and Hal. These magnificent outdoor adventures were influential in forming his appreciation for nature, thus initiating his photographic career.

Mangelsen has been decorated with several accolades including BBC's Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 1994 and the North American Nature Photographer's Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year in 2000. Mangelsen’s photography has also been published in leading magazines such as Audubon, National Geographic, Life, Wildlife Art, and National Wildlife.

Visitors to the exhibition will experience photographic nature-based works that inspire a newfound appreciation for the wonderful vistas and creatures dispersed throughout the globe.

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