Our Donors

$1,000,000 and above

California Department of Parks and Recreation
Ms. Dale Hollis Clark in memory of Mary and Dallas Clark
Kathy and John Hattox
Eleanor and Jerome Navarra
Eleanor and Jerome Navarra Foundation TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg
The Sefton Family

J.W. Sefton Foundation
Nita and Henk van der Werff in memory of Mary and Dallas Clark
The Walton Family Foundation, at the recommendation of Christy Walton and Lukas Walton
Dennis and Carol Wilson


Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation
The Legler Benbough Foundation
Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation
Roberta and Malin Burnham
David C. Copley Foundation
The Dunham Family in Memory of Jeanne Dunham
In Memory of Chapman Grant by Terry Grant Hazard, Polly Hazard Hoffman, Earl Thomas Hoffman, Thomas B. Hazard, and M. Jo Hazard
Carol and Henry F. Hunte Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg 

The Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation
Peter and Marilee Kovacs
The Gilbert J. Martin Foundation
The Gerald T. and Inez Grant Parker Foundation
Price Philanthropies Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Price
Rice Family Foundation, in honor of Morgan S. Rice
Dr. Seuss Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg, at the recommendation of Audrey Geisel


Alice Anda and James Ward
James F. Beyster Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg
Anne and Gregory Bullard
Esther J. Burnham Trust
Colwell Family Distributable Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg
Carolyn and Cliff Colwell
Steve and Carolyn Conner
Conner Family Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg
County of San Diego
The Coyle McDonald Family—Courtney, Steve, Alexandra, Maximilian
The Donald C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation
Bill Disher
Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dort
Bernard J. Eggertsen and Florence Nemkov
Marion Eggertsen and Family
The Hattie Ettinger Conservation Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg, at the recommendation of Janie DeCelles
The Favrot Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence D. Favrot
Michele Gerus and Jeff Block
Gray Charitable Trust 

The Barbara and David Groce Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg
Denise and Michael Hager
Heller Foundation of San Diego
The Hervey Family Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg
Institute for Law and Systems Research
Ann Laddon and Adrian Jaffer
Charles Kennel and Ellen Lehman
Alan G. Lehman and Jane A. Lehman Foundation
Maurice J. Masserini Trust
Drs. Anne and Andy McCammon
In memory of Margaret and Bert McIntosh
Rand and Elaine Newman
Jean and Bill O'Daniel
James Orwig M.D. Family
Philip R. and Pamela F. Palisoul and Family
Nancy Robertson and Mark Cookingham
Richard Schwenkmeyer
Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation
Margaret and John Stevenson
Takahashi Family Fund TSDFPalmTree_color_print.jpg
Mandell Weiss Charitable Trust
Mrs. Betty Jo Williams


2014 Museum Staff
The Canyoneers
City of San Diego
The Covey
James and Mary Dawe
The Docents
Downing Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Downing
Susan and Craig Evanco
Karen and Steven Garsson

Allison Henderson and Jay Miles
Mrs. Jackie Hollywood
Nancy and William Homeyer
Jeffrey and Lindsey Kent
Terry and Linda Moore
Dr. Rebecca Papendick and Dr. Jay Savage
Eberhard and Jessica Rohm
The Thursday Club
The Patricia and Christopher Weil Family Foundation
Museum Whalers


William and Terri Buchanan
Dr. J. David Bukry
Anita Busquets and William Ladd
Dinah and Scott Carl
Virginia and Doug Crockett
Ms. Lois Day
Bud and Gingy Ferguson
Tom Fleming
Michael Gelfand
Barbara F. Hildreth
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hoctor
Dr. and Mrs. Matt Hom

H. William Kuni
Dr. and Mrs. James U. Lemke
Monte Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Oberbauer
John and Peggy Overland
James and Claudia Prescott
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogozienski
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Stickney
Gwen Stoughton
Mrs. Edna K. Tipton
Rebecca Vesterfelt and Louis Cohen
Dr. Mary M. Yang

*Commitments received as of March 3, 2016