Ecosystems of San Diego County

Ecosystems of San Diego County features photographic nature-based works by 14 local artists. The images on display depict the artists’ vision of the incredibly diverse ecosystems in San Diego County. The 80 works include areas from the waters along the coast to the mountains and the deserts, all within the county. 

Featured photographers in the exhibition include: Donna Cosentino, Vern Elmore, Bill Evarts, Peter Fay, Will Gibson, Steve Gould, Richard Herrmann, Art Meyers, David Oblon, Abe Ordover, Lee Peterson, Blake Shaw, Barbara Swanson, and Sandra Zelasko. 

Focusing on the diversity of San Diego’s landscapes, Ecosystems of San Diego County contains photographs with a refreshingly different set of values from mainstream art fare.

Visitors are invited to attend the opening reception on Saturday, January 11 from 11 AM-2 PM, which is open to the public and free of charge.

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