Dino Jaws (April–September 2013)

Travel back in time to a world populated by hungry dinosaurs.

What did dinosaurs eat—and how do we know? Featuring the most lifelike moving dinosaurs ever created (that one Hollywood movie notwithstanding), family-friendly Dino Jaws explores the sometimes gross and always fascinating subject of dinosaurs and their food.

From the infamous flesh-eating T. rex to the plant-munching Iguanodon, what do YOU know about dinosaurs and their food? Sometimes shocking (don’t say we didn’t warn you!), Dino Jaws will combine fun hands-on—with no danger of being bitten!—exhibits with scientific insights. Our lifelike spectacular animatronics will show you what paleontologists know about
what that dino had for dinner!

  • From slow-moving plant-eaters to fierce, agile flesh-eaters, learn about the variety of feeding strategies used by dinosaurs.
  • See how diverse plant-eating dinosaurs were, from the big, bulky Iguanadon to the spiky-armored Euoplocephalus.
  • Come face-to-face with the remarkable Baryonyx as it tries to scoop a fish from the water.
  • Touch real fossilized dinosaur poop.
  • Be a dino-detective—use your special barcoded ticket to gather clues and identify “your” dinosaur, and find out at the end of the exhibition if you were right!

Experience intriguing fossil evidence, fun hands-on exhibits, scientific insights, and gigantic animatronic dinosaurs. In Dino Jaws, discover the fascinating facts scientists know about what, and how, dinosaurs ate.


Dino Jaws was developed by The Natural History Museum, London. Featuring animatronic dinosaurs by Kokoro. Support for the San Diego exhibition is provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture.

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