Best of Nature 2013 Artists

2013 Best of Nature Competition Winners

Grand Prize

James Mildice, Inherited Memories

First Place

Mark Drawbridge, Nature’s Treasure

Second Place

Bodhi Smith, North by Northeast

Third Place

Michelle McCain, Glacial Ice Cave

Honorable Mention

Don Boomer, Cub on the Run                                   

Lance Carter, Winter’s Repose

Carla DeDominicis, Never Doubt Love

John Ford, The Subway

Tony Hertz, Dogwood Branch                 

Lorna Mildice, Graced by the Storm

Gail Parris, Greeting the Dawn

Terry Retherford, Royalty

Lisa Winston, Vesta Unveiled

Sandy Zelesko, Maneuvering the Madison                                   

Congratulations to the artists selected for the show!

Abulafia, Lewis                           Pond Reflection, Surf and Stone

Barr, Daniel                                Night on the Tundra

Boomer, Don                              Lions

Bruton, Al                                   Walrus and Pup

Carter. Lance                             Polar Bear

Chew, Lori                                 Rooster

Collier, Jim                                 Trees, Fog & Glacier

Corte, Ernesto                           Frozen Landscape

DeDominicis, Carla                   Primate Family

DeMaio, Anthony                      Canada Geese

Doyle, Dennis                           Forrest Stream

Drawbridge, Mark                     Sand Dollar Sunset; Stilts; Avocet

Evarts, Bill                                Mountain Scenic

Ford, John                                Riverbed Tunnel

Gaburo, Heather                      Surf & Sunset

Green, Dolwain                        Penguin

Heater, Jane                            Mammoth Springs

Hertz, Tony                              Dogwood and Stream

Hyde, Jon & Sultze, Kimberly Eye of the Caiman

Jayanti, Satyam                       Hummingbird

Johnson, Diane                        Heron and Crawfish

Johnson, John Connolly          Three Palms; Shore View; Surf Rocks

Kassovic, Julius                       Leaf in Stream Reflection

Laurs, Brendan                        Primate at Dawn, Bali

Lefberg, Irv                              Jeremiah

Long, Sally                              Owl Butterfly

Lusby, Ed                                Merced River in Winter

McCain, Michele                     Iceland Waterfall, Ice Cave, Abraham Lake

Mildice, Jim                             Two Wolves, Hawk Portrait

Mildice, Lorna                          Four Pines in Snow

Moskovitz, Larry                      Two Egrets

Parris, Gail                              Storks in the Fog, Two Ravens

Platter-Reiger, Mary F.            Osprey at the Nest

Remlinger, Bill                         Leopard

Retherford, Terrry                    Lions Portrait

Richard, Wayne                       Bear and Salmon, 9 Resplendent Quetzal

Royal, Monica                          Star Dew, Flower and Dewdrop

Schmid, Chris                          Stampede

Schneider, Wendi                    Hawk in Flight

Schwertman, Jim                     Mountain Light

Shane, Mike                            Grasshopper, Insect & Flower

Short, Rex                               Dragonflies, Ant & Flower, Deer

Short, Virginia                         Leopard and Prize

Smith, Bodhi                           Milky Rocks, Delicate Arch

Stagnaro, Cheryl                    Canine

Stein, Larry                             Estuary Sunset

Swanson, Barbara                  Bison, Lone Pine

Varani, Alex                            Sea Spaceship (Anemone), Boxer Crab

Weston, Rob                          Doe

Whitbeck, Mark                      Egret

Winston, Lisa                         Palm Abstract

Young, Jeff                            Two Bighorns

Yudelson, Dianne                  Flamingos

Zelasko, Sandy                     Swimming Bison, Two Owlet’s, Two Wolves