Binational Education Curricula: Archived

Field Trip Sites of Ecological and Educational Interest (zip)– Baja California
All grade levels; Published by the Environmental Education Council of the Californias, 2005
The principal objective is to assist teachers in the planning and execution of field trips that allow students to gain a better understanding of nature and an appreciation for and a desire to protect the natural spaces of our region.

Tools for Teaching Bat Conservation (PDF) – Baja California/Baja California Sur
All grade levels; Developed by PROBEA, 2003
The Kids Discover Bats video is an incredible tool for learning. Teachers and students will discover and learn together very interesting facts about bats.
Contact:; for video info 800.477.7811

Tijuana River Watershed Resource Guide (PDF) – Baja California
All grade levels; Developed by PROBEA/San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex, 2002
This document provides a context and methodology to help in the education, understanding and involvement of the public about the importance of our watershed and citizen involvement to care for it.

** PROBEA Level III curriculumWater Quality - Baja California
Secondary and high school levels; Developed by San Diego County Water Authority, 1997
Water quality observation program, including water quality tests in the field.
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** PROBEA Level II curriculum – Making of a Naturalist - Baja California
Secondary and high school levels; Developed by GrassRoots Educators, 1996
Students will learn about ecosystem structure and function and how they are related through feedback loops.
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