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Shenkman Memorial Video Library

Nature Bytes

The Nat is honored to be a repository of more than 500 short-form videos featuring the San Diego region’s animals, plants, and geology. Called Nature Bytes, these easily digestible three-minute videos deliver content on natural history topics in an engaging way. Complicated concepts are condensed to educate and entertain any age, from first grade onward.

Nature Bytes videos were created by a beloved member of the Museum family, Henry M. Shenkman, who passed away October 2, 2014. After a 33-year career as a San Diego juvenile probation officer, Henry spent 20 years as a volunteer at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

The Museum Canyoneers helped him combine his keen appreciation of nature with the sense of purpose he found in working with children. He led school hikes and discovered teachers needed more resources on local natural history. This inspired Henry to develop Nature Bytes videos. Wherever he went, Henry believed in celebrating and sharing his passion for nature. By creating these videos and inviting people to visit his website, he made nature more accessible to all.

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