The Secret Society of Adultologists

The Secret Society of Adultologists: Time Machine

Friday, January 24, 7-10 PM

After months of clandestine tinkering, the Secret Society is ready to bust out our new time machine. At this 21+ after-hours adventure, we will travel back as far as the dinosaurs and forward into a San Diego altered by climate change. Relive the rugged journeys of naturalists past and explore future worlds using virtual reality. Sip a craft cocktail or beer* as you wander two new exhibitions: Living Lab and Insects Face to Face. Go behind-the-scenes to meet the Museum's rarely-seen specimens and scientists. And, of course, dress per your favorite era, past or future (and strut it in the costume contest).

This kid-free evening is a whole new way to experience The Nat—stay late and rediscover your sense of wonder.

*Food and drinks available for purchase.

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Activities and Partners

  • Live Music with Chunky Hustle Brass Band, 8:15 PM
  • Cosplay with SD Who Con - Take a photo with the TARDIS and meet The Doctor and his companions as San Diego Who Con cosplayers travel the Museum. Allons-y!
  • Travel the Galaxies with the San Diego Air & Space Museum - Immerse yourself in the wonders of the universe as you tour the constellations.
  • Choose Your Future with the Climate Science Alliance and the NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment - Explore what climate change means for the future of planet. With several fun hands-on demonstrations, participants will understand the impact of climate on our oceans, our air, and what we can do to choose a different future.
  • 100 Island Challenge with the Smith Lab at Scripps Institute of Oceanography - No two coral reefs are the same, and no two reefs will face the future in the same way. Use virtual reality to understand how ecosystems change through time.
  • Seaweed for Livestock with the Smith Lab at Scripps Institute of Oceanography - Livestock produce tremendous amounts of methane. But incorporating seaweed into their diets might just change that. Learn more about this via seaweed lava lamps.
  • Time Travel Talks with Eric Leonardis of Brainscratch - Cognitive Scientist Eric Leonardis will give two short talks about thermodynamics, free energy, and the limits of time travel.
  • Photo Booth with the San Diego History Center - Pose for a picture with historic San Diegans…in space.
  • Postcards to the Future with the San Diego History Center - Write yourself a note–to be posted from the Museum a year from now.
  • Exclusive preview of The Devil's Road: A Baja Adventure and conversation with the filmmakers - Enjoy an exclusive sneak preview of The Devil's Road. In this new documentary, a group of adventurers set out across Baja California on a 5,000-mile journey to recreate the century-old expedition of two of America’s most prolific, and obscure, naturalists.
  • I Spy Time with El Garage Project Hub - Use a virtual reality viewer to search through the ages to find as many objects as possible in a limited time.
  • Time Patterns with El Garage Project Hub - Use sand to explore visual patterns created with audio frequencies that mark music styles through time.

More Activities from the Museum

  • Fossil Match - Trickier than you might think.
  • Illustrating Then to Now - Use the historic technology of camera lucida via iPad to trace San Diego's evolution.
  • Natural History Mystery - Look back at old field journals and maps to discover lost species of plants
  • Elevation Station - Spot the differences between a survey of animals from the San Jacinto Mountains in 1908 and another from 2015.
  • Behind the Scenes Tour - Join our Curator of Birds and Mammals, Dr. Phil Unitt, for a short tour of our bird collection. Phil will explain how old specimens help us understand the future of our region.
  • Hands-On Fossil Prep in the Paleo Lab - Join Museum paleontologists behind the scenes in their lab to use real tools on real fossils.
  • Swab a Frog - Learn about how understanding the history of disease in our preserved amphibian specimens can play a role in future amphibian conservation.
  • Tour Through Time - Join a paleontologist for a short tour of the Fossil Mysteries exhibit
  • Costume Contest - Dress in your futuristic finery or ancient attire to compete for prizes.
  • Explore two new exhibitions: Living Lab and Insects Face to Face.
  • Browse and shop at the Museum Store
  • City Nature Challenge and Border Bioblitz - Learn how you can participate in the research that will inform future conservation efforts.

And that's just the start. Come back later for more.

All sales support the Museum's research, science, exhibitions, and education programs. Thank you!

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