The Future of Our Past

We're making major progress on an important initiative that will bring our region’s paleontological past to life—and into the limelight. In 2025, our Paleontology Department will move from the third floor to the Museum’s lowest level. Soon, every step of our paleontology work—from fossil preparation and specimen curation to collections storage and research—will be on display.  

Addressing the need for more storage for our vast and ever-growing fossil collection, this new space will also make room for all of our oversized fossils (dinosaurs, mammoths, giant ground sloths, and whales), which have been stored off-site for years.  

A new public exhibit space scheduled to open in mid-2025 will reveal the inner workings of our Paleontology Department, giving visitors the opportunity to watch staff prepare fossils and see “behind the scenes” of the fossil collection. By sharing our scientific process with visitors, we will be able to better communicate the journey fossils take within the Museum, the importance of our PaleoServices program, and the uniqueness of our region’s fossil record. 

Posted by Senior Director of Communications Rebecca Handelsman on May 9, 2023

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