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When life gives you a whale head, you bury it, then give it a bath, and let the research begin.   Read more.

Since starting last September, Library Director Arie Hammond has been asked about everything, from black widow spiders to dead whales to prehistoric flowers. She shares some of her favorite unusual questions, and the answers her research revealed.  Read more.

Our first cohort of STEM apprentices reflect on their time with The Nat’s research department, sharing how they got here, what they learned, and where they’re going next.  Read more.

Five Best Hikes for Kids

Posted: December 7, 2021

San Diego County has lots of fun, kid-friendly trails, but where to start? And what counts as a kid-friendly trail anyway? Getting out in nature together can make for incredible memories and spark a lifelong love of nature, so our Canyoneers are making it easy with some of their favorite trails for kids.  Read more.

Natural history collections do much more than document our biological diversity. They are also key to unlocking future discoveries and contributing to major advances in the fields of medicine, human health, and even agriculture.  Read more.

For homeowners, being fire safe usually means pruning trees and bushes around dwellings. But this brings with it the potential to disturb bird nests during the height of breeding season. Learn how to remain fire safe while minimizing the impact on our feathered friends.   Read more.

Binoculars bring wildlife close to you. And on these three trails, you’re going to need those field glasses to take it all in! Perfect for experienced birders or a nature enthusiast bringing along binoculars for the first time, our Canyoneers recommend some of their favorite trails for this wildlife-watching season.  Read more.

Nature's Office Politics

Posted: August 4, 2021

Forget the water cooler—all the action happens at the oriole feeder. In this blog, President and CEO Judy Gradwohl describes Buster, her new office mate, and the drama that has been unfolding outside her home office during the pandemic.   Read more.

We all talk to ourselves occasionally, and President and CEO Judy Gradwohl became adept at it during the pandemic lockdown. On the occasion of her 5-year work anniversary, Judy reflects on what she experienced, learned, rejoiced, and lamented at the helm of the San Diego Natural History Museum. Read more.

Ten Great Hikes for Summer

Posted: June 8, 2021

Summer sun can be lovely, but it’s sometimes a scorcher across San Diego County. Our Canyoneers recommend their coolest, and coolest, trails for this sunny season. Read more.