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Executive Management

Judy Gradwohl
President and Chief Executive Officer

Eowyn Bates
Vice President of Philanthropy and Engagement

Matt Jawlik

Johno Niles
Vice President of Science and Conservation

The San Diego Natural History Museum traces its roots to an enthusiastic group of amateur naturalists, who formed the San Diego Society of Natural History in 1874. Learn more.

Board of Directors

Andrew Garman
Managing Partner, New Venture Partners LLC

Vice Chair
Allison Alberts, Ph.D.
Chief Conservation and Research Officer, San Diego Zoo Global (Retired)

Peter MacCracken
Principal, Strategic Communications

Jeff Scott, Ed.D.
Adjunct Faculty Member, School of Global Policy and Strategy, UCSD


Steve Bell
Northern Trust Bank (Retired)

Anita Busquets
President, Biotechnology Mgmt. Consultants

Elaine Dodge, JD CFRE
Member – Board of Directors, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation

Exequiel Ezcurra, Ph.D.
UC Mexus

Tom Fleming
Senior Information Technology Executive, Semi-Retired and Consulting

Edmond Lay
Associate, Cooley LLP

Stanley Maloy, Ph.D.
Assoc. VP Research and Innovation, San Diego State University

Chrysa Mineo
Board Member, Cidara Therapeutics

Ron Ottinger
Founder and Executive Director, STEM Next Opportunity Fund

Amber Pairis Ph.D.
Director, Climate Science Alliance

Chikako Tyler
CFO, California Bank and Trust

Victor Vilaplana

Trustees Emeriti

Pamela M. Bruder
Dale Clark
Mary H. Clark*
James Clements*
Joan Parker
Norman C. Roberts., DVM*
Harley Sefton
Thomas W. Sefton*
Christy Walton
Carol Wilson

Honorary Trustees

Charmaine* and Maurice* Kaplan
Philip M. Klauber*
Donna K. Sefton*
Richard Schwenkmeyer
Nita and Henk van der Werff
Dennis Wilson


Binational Advisory Board

Enrique Hambleton
Chairman, Pronatura Noroeste

Thomas Oberbauer
Biological Consultant, Aecom

Eric Anderson
Vice President, Anderson’s SeedCo

Roberto Arjona,
CEO and General Manager, Rancho La Puerta

Austin Blue
Co-Founder & President, Spectrum Aeronautical and SciFly

Richard Cudney
Conservation and Science Associate Program Officer, Packard Foundation

Gustavo Danemann
Executive Director, Pronatura Noroeste, A.C.

Iris Engstrand, Ph.D.
Professor of History, University of San Diego

Martin Goebel
Executive Director, Sustainable Northwest

Alan Harper, Ph.D.
Terra Peninsular, AC

Davida Herzl
Co-Founder & CEO, Aclima Inc.
Managing Partner, NextEarth Group, LLC

Richard Kiy
Partner, Alumbra Advisors

Sergio Knaebel
Grant Director, Sandler Family Supporting Foundation

Laura Martínez Ríos
Director, ProEsteros

Steven McDonald
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Anne McEnany
President and CEO, International Community Foundation

Rodolfo Ogarrio
Executive President, Fundea (Fundación Mexicana para la Educación Ambiental AC)

James Riley
San Mateo Conservancy

Jaime Roberts Vildosola
Director, IAMSA Development Group
Board Member, Pronatura Noroeste

Carolina Shepard Espinoza
Founder and Director, Bahia De Los Angeles Museum

Laura Silvan
Executive Director, Proyecto Fronterizo de Educacion Ambiental A.C.

Drew Talley
Environmental & Ocean Sciences Department, University of San Diego

Roberto Valdes
Land and Planning Development

Sula Vanderplank
Biodiversity Explorer, Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Jim Waring
CleanTECH San Diego
City of San Diego, Land Use and Economic Development

Collaborations and Partnerships

The San Diego Natural History Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums , which certifies that this museum continues to demonstrate a professional level of operation in accordance with the standards of excellence prescribed by the AAM.

American Association of Museums

Our organization is a member of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, a collaboration of 26 arts, science and culture institutions in Balboa Park. By working together we produce major outcomes that no single organization could achieve alone. Benefits of our Partnership include:

  • Collective cost savings of $800,000 annually;
  • Improved organizational performance and creation of new resources (knowledge, innovation, and networks)
  • New financial resources: since 2008 the Partnership has brought $4.2 million in new revenue to Balboa Park;
  • Improved public accessibility and safety through capital improvements and ADA upgrades
  • Reduction of Balboa Park's carbon footprint by 5.4 million kWhs and 91,000 therms annually, the equivalent of 110 homes; and
  • Professional development for more than four thousand staff and volunteers to improve professional practice and visitor experience.


To learn more about the many ways our collaboration makes the Park a better place to visit, learn, and have fun, please visit the Partnership's website at

The San Diego Natural History Museum has been awarded Prestigious LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Green Building Certification.

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