Eponymous Species


Partial List of Plant Species

Agave orcuttiana
Aplopappus orcuttii—genus later corrected to 'Haplopappus'
Aristida orcuttiana
Aster orcuttii—genus renamaed 'Xylorhiza orcuttii'
Astragalus orcuttianus
Brodiaea orcutti
Bromopsis orcuttiana
Bromus orcuttianus
Ceanothus orcuttianus
Cereus orcuttii 
Chaenactis glabriuscula var. orcuttiana
Chorizanthe orcuttiana—State and Federal endangered species (see specimen)
Cordylanthus orcuttanius
Dalea orcuttii
Echinocactus orcuttii 
Echinocereus orcutti
Elymus orcuttianus
Eragostis orcuttiana
Eriogonum orcuttianum
Eschscholzia orcuttiana
Escobaria orcuttii
Gilia orcuttii—now called Linanthus orcuttii (see specimen at right)
Lupinus orcuttii—now 'Lupinus concinnus ssp. orcuttii(see specimen)
Lupinus agardhianus var. orcuttii
Pacherocereus orcutti 
Pentachaeta orcuttii
Perityle emoryi var. orcuttii
Phacelia orcuttiana
Poa orcuttiana
Sphaeralcea orcutti
Stylophyllum orcuttii
Verbena orcuttiana

Partial List of Mollusks


Coralliochama orcutti
Macrocallista orcutti
Sanguinolaria orcutti

Land Mollusks

Epiphragmorphora orcutti
Eucalodium orcutti
Pupa orcutti
Balanus orcutti
Amnicola orcutti

Marine Mollusks

Chlamydoconcha orcutti
Epitonium orcuttianum
Caecum orcutti
Barleeia orcutti
Macron orcutti
Bankia orcutti
Acmaea triangularis orcutti
Mitra orcutt
Coralliophila orcuttiana

Fresh Water Mollusks

Unio orcutti

Reptiles and Amphibians

Sceloporus orcuttii

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